Based in Seattle, Washington, Deodata Jewelry is handcrafted and inspired by personal histories and cherished objects. I'm Christen Coomer and Deodata (dee-oh dotta,) known as Deo, was my grandmother. She inspired and helped me to create my first business as a child, designing handmade greeting cards which she and her friends purchased. Deo supplied the watercolor paper and paints, and encouraged my creativity and business thinking.

Today Deo’s inspiration lives on and takes the form of Deodata Design, my creative pursuit as a jeweler. Deodata Jewelry is a convergence of experiences, stories, and cultural reflections portrayed in the form of jewelry and functional ware.

We are proud members and supporters of the Handmade & Well Paid campaign, designed to ensure makers are well-paid for the work they do while helping customers make good decisions about which makers to support.