I’m Christen and Deodata (dee-oh dotta,) known as Deo, was my grandmother. Deo encouraged me to become a maker at a young age. She helped me create my first business as a child, designing handmade greeting cards which she and her friends purchased. Deo supplied the watercolor paper and paints, and encouraged my creativity and business thinking.

Today Deo’s inspiration lives on and takes the form of Deodata Design, my creative pursuit as a jeweler. Deodata Jewelry is a convergence of cherished experiences, materials, and cultural reflections portrayed in the form of jewelry and functional ware. Each piece is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind.

My aesthetic choices are often informed by my childhood recollections of Deo’s home and treasured assemblages of delicately enameled pill boxes, Egyptian-inspired jewelry, blackened antique keys, musty children’s books, and the never-ending excursions and discoveries I’d make in her attic and basement.

The narrative jewelry and functional objects I make often take on the stories of my own treasured experiences as a traveler and collector beyond the walls of Deo’s home, but they share the same spirit of infinite wonder at and appreciation for the smallest treasures and details we all come to appreciate when we are able to slow down and take in all the curiosities the world has to offer. 

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